Monday, October 19, 2009

Don't waste your time (PUA)

I've never blogged before but now I am going to start blogging. My first rant is on these Jackal's out here who call themselves pick-up artists. While I agree some of the ideas pushed by PUA instructors about reinventing oneself and becoming more social, there is a catch to this seemingly benevolent industry. It costs a hell of a lot of money.

I think, one can generalize that all of them prey on men who are flawed in some way (e.g. physically, mentally, socially, etc). And there tactics are all the same. "I studied under this guy," "I worked with that guy and got tired of his shit", "I was doing this and thought it was wrong or flawed" so you should try my program. But somehow under the guise of disagreement with the status quo (e.g politicians recycling the "change" mantra) a new PUA attempts to stand out with something "better" to offer. When in reality it's just another please "make me filthy rich" tactic that lures lonely folks to buy this proverbial snake oil i.e. Pickup advice.

One can pay 1200-3500 dollars to spend the weekend with an "expert" pickup artist in a club where they push you into talking to women. This is what likely happens.
1. She plays nice and bears to converse with you until she finds a way to get away from some random stranger. 2. She ignores you. 3. If you did have a chance you might do something that you were already capable of anyway. So why waste the money to buy a big brother?

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